Many observers of the United States expect 2016 to bring a breakthrough in Customer Experience as a success factor. Even if you assume that the protagonists will have a certain level of self-interest, observers still predict a certain number of trends. The rapid advance of marketing automation has made thinking in subjective dimensions popular, especially in the US.

Customer Experience Management is from this viewpoint only a logical extension of marketing automation. A rough estimation puts the total number of providers at about 30 time higher than in Germany. The market is getting more saturated, but new providers continue to emerge. Customer Experience will be the next area that they will move to.

What does this mean for the German market? Quite simply, it is about four years behind. When we talk of the United States in 2016, we talk about the German market in 2020. But, what that mean? The fact is that even in Germany in a number of companies these issues have already arrived. Here, too, the trend will intensify. How should we prepare ourselves? Here in our blog we will follow and comment on how the German market develops.