Measuring and managing – the Business Success Mechanism

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Subjective – or perceived – quality has been difficult to measure. You need a grid for measurement that covers all touch points along the customer journey. You also need a constant flow of feedback data, to identify the mechanics of business success.  Which parameters interact with which others to ensure contract renewal, due to customer experience? Having an insight into the business success mechanics helps to simplify the view on business, especially in the complex world of big data sources. Business Success Mechanics is part of the Metrinomics Platform Solution and serves as a reference for all kinds of customer related decisions across departments and locations.

Subjective Quality for network performance adjustment

Digital business happens in networks. In networks, customers have an active role, because business processes require customer interaction. Finally the quality of a network – in an economic sense – is identical to the subjective quality of the interaction, as experienced by customers. Metrinomics enriches existing digital business networks with our Subjective Quality Measurement to support real time interaction. We identify sensitive points along the digital customer journey, install sensors, connect with alarms, triggers and action management to ensure a constant adjustment of network performance. Our solutions are self-adaptive and can work as an add-on to existing IT structures.


The human-machine interface – coding and decoding

Customer interaction in a digitized environment needs to succeed in integrating all communication channels that are convenient for customers. Metrinomics decodes verbal customer communication to process it, and codes communication to trigger (and inform about) a campaign or service. Decoding patterns are analyzed for underlying dynamics to adjust performance standards of network based services. Adaptive mathematics and adaptive classification technology are at the core of a customer interaction language that changes with the use of words. This is the base for an automation process that is steered by the customer, with a decoding logic that senses the flow of time and changes to habits.

Dashboarding – from people to people

The key to acting in the right way is to look from the right angle. The richness of data allows for many different views on one customer case. The Metrinomics Dashboard Technology focuses on central and simple messages that are selected, as they make up for the central variance of customer behavior. This information base drives individual interfaces for single recipients within the corporation, in real time, to provide updates on changes in expectations and experience. Metrinomics implements and supports Customer Dashboards of any size and systems over all kinds of channels. Metrinomics Dashboards Technology provides a living picture of the customer interface that jumps to heads, hearts and minds.