FUTURAISE: Are you ready for the NEW NORMAL?

After Corona, we will head into the NEW NORMAL. What does it look like? What do we have to expect? After each crisis, the world needs to be re-built, and many and large chances appear. But where to find them?

To find the answer is the objective of our portal Futuraise, a tool at your fingertips that shows where you find extraordinary chances to create success for your customers under the new conditions. Because their success is your success.

FUTURAISE – Customer Success in times of the NEW NORMAL

We are Customer Success Consultants with focus on B2B

Suppliers and their customers talk about the same thing with the same words, but have other measures of value in the back of their minds.
Metrinomics is a Customer Success specialist to close the gap between supplier and customer perception in B2B. We are a partner from end to start and have implemented and supported worldwide VoC systems and routines for large B2B suppliers, over the last 20 years.
Our consulting focus is on VALUE, which only exists in the eyes of a customer. We apply ‘subjective mathematics’ to create data precision in a ‘soft’ environment. In a CRM system, we would take responsibility for the ‘value layer’, a reference to identify sales chances.
Even with all the algorithms available, the quality of input data is key. We use AI to help us track quality over time to learn and adjust along the customer journey.

Measuring value in B2B – from data to action

CX in B2B – ..large service teams focus on few customers. Each customer consists of a variety of decisions makers. We take care for the integrated quality that drives the action plans.

Customer analytics – Optimizing a moving target

Magiola – ..instant Customer Analytics helps to orchestrate services where digital business is king. Data integration, data condensation and Machine Learning help to speed up the process.

Tailwind to customer success – making sales people happy

Tailwind CSM – ..the customer success platform that drives action, with measurable success, integrating all customer interaction channels in one learning logic. We support teams with direct customer interaction.

Creating value by technology in IoT

Uiola – ..provides customer centricity to IoT solutions, measuring subjective value. We use implanted learning algorithms that track ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ factors and model and measure success in context.

Are expectations met? Is value really created, in the eye of customers? How to use the subjective side of value for innovation?

Your task is to take care for your customer’s prosperity and growth, isn’t it?

Customers who feel to be in a prosperous environment, will prosper. Looking like this, business success is a question of ‘customer gardening’. The right nutrients, a good amount of light, and constantly water, this is what, as gardeners know, plants need to grow the best. What does your plantation of customers need?

How do you control if your ‘plants’ find the right conditions to grow most quickly? Metrinomics supplies a bundle of customer sensors that measure the creation of subjective value. ‘Value’ is broken down into its drivers. It may just be the translation of manual that makes a measurable difference in subjective value.

Find out how you can do that

Set up your sensors at the critical points of customer interaction, to gain a data carpet of indicators of value perception. There will be less than 10 that provide you with enough data to explain more than 80% of customer behavior, especially about buying.

Measure the effect of your performance at the critical points for success. Feed improvement campaigns, feed your CRM system with a new explanatory data layer. Create a data layer with customer perception data that show how you are perceived looking outside in.

Because the view is the one that decides on the success of your growth project. Treat your customers well. Let them feel the light of being in good hands.

Sensing As A Service

The seven most impactful touchpoints explain more than 80% of variance in customer behavior. We supply a comprehensive set of sensors that can be placed at any touchpoint, and take care for data transformation so that the data drives action and adaptation.


How determined, how unpredictable is the future? It all depends on us. We engage our customers to create win-win constellations for future value creation and growth. We apply blockchain technology to evaluate and test conditions. See how the best salesman can be your customer himself.

Scientific Customer Gardening

We use the analogy of Scientific Gardening, a technique to create the optimal of growth conditions for plants. Scientific Gardening involves computer monitoring and adjustment, uses sensor technologies, and can optimize growth conditions broken down to the single case.

The Self Driving Enterprise

Our logic enables us to use micro-navigation on a case basis, constant optimization, i.e. adaptation. It finally enables us to fully automate decisions (because we simply take value maximization as a guide) and thus the ‘self driving enterprise’.

Scientific Customer Gardening

Cultivate your algorithms for constant business growth
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Sales in digital business

setting the scene for never ending growth
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If we focus our view on buying, then ‘sales’ becomes a natural behavior. The Metrinomics Gardening technology makes buying a predictive result of a process that can be steered. Or a path that can be followed. Or growth, that has been fed and fostered.

The Metrinomics Gardening technology uses scientific methods to systematically infuse growth into the processes of customer interaction.

We integrate the ideas of


(intentional grow driven by existing customers)


Transparency –
trust for best efficiency


as key growth factor


Blockchain technology
for value detection and win-win optimization


AI for quick learning
and adaptation

About us

Metrinomics is a Subjective Data company. Subjective Data is an important extension to CRM. While CRM stands for the Who? and What?, Subjective Data show the Why?. The question Why? is the key element for value creation, and value (as it appears to the customer) is the key to business success.
Metrinomics provides tools and services to create a Subjective Data flow, and to engage customers, as well as the mathematics to drive adjustments all along the interaction journey. The focus is on B2B markets with rich complexity and high impact of customer relations.
Metrinomics looks back to a history of more than 20 years in using AI to create smart algorithms that reflect subjective drivers of business. We work for large, international tech companies and financial institutions. Metrinomics is an independent supplier with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Most people of the teams, however, are spread across the largest country of the globe.