Designing and managing worldwide customer success programs

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A ‘smart’ business model, as it is seen today, monopolizes the access to customers and sells it to suppliers. The only protection against losing access to customers is to integrate them, engage them, and interact with them. To make them part of a success story that has a happy end for both, with rising business, rising trust, and rising value perception.

Metrinomics builds data driven platforms that create and boost customer feedback, takes care for the quality of data flow, supports customer feedback data users, and measures the (perceived) value contribution of each customer touch point. Our noble task is to condense this into action, if it is in long term B2B relations, or one-in-a-lifetime website visits. The core of all this is our competency in measuring Customer Experience (‘subjective quality’), classifying the context and contributed to the customer’s success.

We offer four kinds of services to our international customers.

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Tailwind CSM

Tailwind CSM – ..the customer success platform that drives action, with measurable success, integrating all customer interaction channels in one learning logic. We support teams with direct customer interaction.

CX in B2B

CX in B2B – ..large service teams focus on few customers. Each customer consists of a variety of decisions makers. We take care for the integrated quality that drives the action plans.


Magiola – ..instant Customer Analytics helps to orchestrate services where digital business is king. Data integration, data condensation and Machine Learning help to speed up the process.


Uiola – ..provides customer centricity to IoT solutions, measuring subjective value. We use implanted learning algorithms that track ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ factors and model and measure success in context.

About us

Metrinomics is an independent engineering company in the area of customer experience. We provide with Metrivox an adaptable process management platform as a cloud solution. Metrivox is being used in more than 50 countries, and we support our clients in more than 20 languages. Our solutions typically are customized applications of standard tools, either our own or the ones of third parties.